Reduced fuel costs: 70% to 80% diesel replacement with diesel like fuel efficiency on heavy duty driving cycle vehicles allows 25% to 40% fuel cost savings at international energy prices for high mileage heavy duty vehicles

OEM diesel engine performance matched on dual-fuel: a result of the system design and intensive dynamometer testing at all engine loads and speeds and inlet manifold air temperatures during engine calibration process to create more than 1,000 engine data test points used to create the dual-fuel dataset – it’s done right

Automated power matching when natural gas energy value varies: with up to +/- 20% energy value variation from the industry standard

Driveability maintained similar to diesel: with no extra gear shifts or driver hassles because the engine power and torque on dual-fuel is matched at all engine loads and speeds to OEM specification

Engine integrity is maintained: because the combustion pressures peaks and pressure rise rate limits are maintained within OEM diesel engine specifications

Engine damage mitigated when propane/butane levels high in natural gas: knock sensing recognition allows gas flow, diesel injection timing and air/fuel ratio to be modified on dual-fuel to maintain combustion pressures within OEM limits or switch to diesel in case of detonation

Fast, coordinated system maintenance: Self diagnostics and automated GSM network communications allows system service issues, such as out of natural gas, clogged air filter or natural gas filter or system faults to be communicated to the driver and fleet maintenance engineers

Peace of mind: No guesswork with DieselGas dual-fuel: the continuous development required to solve the multitude of issues that arose, during the development of 20 engine systems over 30 years, demanded innovative and sometimes unique solutions, that are now incorporated into every DieselGas dual-fuel system sold.

Continued OEM warranty: Whenever DieselGas has worked closely with the engine OEM during the application engineering and calibration process; OEM warranty has always been maintained

Minimum weight penalty: carry only half the natural gas for the same driving range using DieselGas dual-fuel systems compared to dedicated natural gas vehicles

Diesel fallback position: If natural gas is not available then system automatically reverts to normal diesel operation

Millions of miles of real world experience: DieselGas converted vehicles have travelled many millions of miles on 5 continents in untold operational conditions and have met the challenge every time

Emissions experience: DieselGas has met EPA and Euro emissions in every country this has been a requirement