2010 – 2012 Hino J08C 192 KW (260 HP) dual-fuel

Duel-fuel development for Thailand market. Released in mid 2011. >80% diesel substitution on heavy duty driving cycles.


2007 – 2009 MWM610 132 KW & 151 KW dual-fuel engine

Robert Bosch Brazil commissioned DieselGas to develop conversion systems for two engine configurations. Market release June 2008 with Bosch warranty on the conversion system and the engine. Met Euro II emissions.


2005 – 2006 MWM610 151 KW (204 HP) dual-fuel system

Dual-fuel truck for demonstration Civic Corp Brazil.


2003 – 2004 OM314  63 KW (85 HP) dual-fuel engine

Dual-fuel bus demonstration for Civic Corp Brazil.


2001 – 2003 OM355  177 KW dual-fuel engine to Euro II

Dual-fuel engine developed for Iran Khodro Engine Research Company. Engine meets Euro II emissions standard without the use of a catalyst.


2001 – 2003 OM314 dual-fuel engine to Euro II

Dual-fuel engine developed for Iran Khodro Engine Research Company. Meets Euro II emissions standards without a catalyst.


2000 – 2001 Hino WO6E Engine

Dedicated gas engine conversion for Delhi Transport Corporation buses India. Tested to EURO II emissions standards. Engine certified for use in buses in India.


2000 – 2002 FAW CA6110 Engine

Dual-fuel bus engine for largest diesel engine manufacturer in China. Engine meets EURO II and production to commence 2002.


1999 – 2000 Hino EM100 Engine

Dual-fuel bus conversion for evaluation by Taiwan Authorities.


1998 – 1999 Isuzu 4JB1 Engine.

Truck conversion carried out for SIRIM Malaysia as part of the New Zealand Government NGUT alternative fuels demonstration aid programme to Asean countries.


1997 – 1998 Detroit Diesel 60 Series Engine Conversion, 405 hp.

Truck engine conversion for Boral Transport Ltd Sydney Australia. Successful fleet operations trial commissioned July 1998. Six month results exceeded client expectation for diesel substitution and fuel cost savings.


1997 – 1998 Self Learning System for Fuelling Table Development.

With funding from, the Foundation for Research, Science and Technology in New Zealand and in conjunction with the Boral/Detroit project, DieselGas has developed a Self Learning system to reduce the cost of Application Engineering for each new engine.


1996 – 1999 Cummins N14 855 Engine Conversion, 415 hp.

Three 350 KVA generator conversion systems designed and built for Sui Southern Gas Company power station in Pakistan.


1994 – 1997 Caterpillar 3306 Engine System Development.

Caterpillar Inc. USA commissioned DieselGas to develop a dual-fuel system for the 3306 engine specifically aimed at the bus market in Eastern Europe. Engine power ratings at 250hp for buses and 300hp for trucks and achieved EPA certification. A formal license agreement was signed in December 1995 allowing Caterpillar to manufacture and sell the systems. The engine was released to the market in1997 with a full Caterpillar factory warranty.


1993 – 1994 Technician Interface Software Programme.

The Technician Interface Software is an MS Windows based Programme developed by DieselGas for use with engine management systems. It is user friendly and allows for entry at Factory, Engineer and Technician levels. Access by laptop computer allows dynamic engine monitoring, self diagnostics, fault detection, recording of logged events and historical data. The graphing utility ensures easy and fast investigation of Logged data. All data can be sent back to the factory for analysis via the Internet. The PC interface software is continually being upgraded to meet market and customer requirements.


1994 Mazda Truck Conversion, 100hp 3.3 Litre Engine.

Liquid Fuels Management Group Ltd. Used for dynamometer and road trials in Korea.


1992 – 1993 Nissan LD27 Engine Powered Vehicle Conversions.

Ecotec CNG (PVT) Ltd, Pakistan. 69 service vehicles for Sui Southern Gas Company Pakistan. Reported in 1996 that the kits are being transferred to the second generation of vehicles.


1992 Mercedes OM352 Engine Test.

Full dual-fuel engine characterisation.


1991 – 1994 Volvo NL12 Truck Conversion, 405hp Volvo TD122FK Engine.

BHP Australia/Liquid Fuels Management Group NZ project using Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) as the alternative fuel. Vehicle travelled 600,000km and showed average diesel substitution in excess of 85%.


1990 – 1992 Mack EE6 350hp Engine Test.

Sponsored by Boral Transport Ltd, Australia and with support from Mack Trucks Inc. USA. Continuation of earlier LPG dual-fuel work. Aim to produce LPG dual-fuel kit with high substitution. Developed LPG twin injectors per cylinder, liquid phase, port injection system. Developed a high pressure solenoid operated diesel injection system. These systems allowed full variability of volume and timing for both diesel and LPG.


1987 – 1988 Cummins N14 365hp Engine Test.

Full dual-fuel engine test and characterisation programme with support from Cummins Engine Company Inc. USA and Caltex Oil NZ Ltd.


1985 – 1986 Mack EE6-350hp Engine Test.

Ministry of Works and Development sponsored test programme, with support from Mack Trucks Inc. USA. Dual-fuelling using Liquid Petroleum Gas (LPG) as the alternative fuel. A single point liquid phase injection system developed using bypass system for diesel delivery control also using independent diesel injection timing control.


1986 Cummins 504 Engine Test.

Full engine characterisation using diesel bypass system.


1985 – 1987 Port Straddle Truck Conversion, 210hp Cummins 504 Engine.

Operated at Wellington waterfront Container Terminal.


1985 -1988 International Truck Conversion, 210hp Cummins 504 Engine.

With assistance from and operated by Caltex Oil NZ Ltd. Used for local fuel deliveries.


1985 Nissan PD6 Test engine.

Test programme carried out with assistance from Nissan Motor Company, NZ.


1985 Nissan RD8 Engine Test.

Test programme carried out with assistance from Nissan Motor Company, NZ.


1984 Isuzu 6BD1T Engine Test.

Sponsored by Liquid Fuels Trust Board and carried out by the Vehicles and Fuels Research Unit of University of Auckland. Partial Substitution Using the DieselGas Bypass System.


1983 – 1985 Commer Truck Conversion, 120hp Perkins 6.354 Engine.

Prototype system run in commercial operation by the Lower Hutt City Council.


1983 – 1995 Isuzu SBR Truck Conversion, 160hp Isuzu 6BD1 Engine.

Systems development vehicle. Three major upgrades made as the technology evolved. Operated for twelve years by the Hutt Valley Energy Board in commercial service without any major work being required on the engine or fuel injection system.


1983 – 1985 Electronic Dual-fuel System Development.

Venture capital investment by Development Finance Corporation allowed the initial concept to be developed for both dynamometer and road trials.


(All tests using compressed or pipeline natural gas unless otherwise stated)