DieselGas dual-fuel system fills technology gap

The DieselGas dual-fuel system has a unique place in the market from design and performance perspectives. The following diagram shows the features, purpose, benefits and goals of a DieselGas dual-fuel conversion system. No other system can match the technology design, features and system performance in net fuel cost savings for fleet owners.

Diesel gas type product missing from the USA market

OEM, zero miles and aftermarket dual-fuel systems that allows CNG or LNG fuelling with 100% diesel backup that is capable of saving fleet owners >25% net fuel cost savings over the lifetime of the vehicle.

 Why the DieselGas dual-fuel systems can fill this gap!!


The DieselGas system allows:

·         Ability to use CNG or LNG and the capability of switching back to diesel with original diesel performance therefore overcoming the “range anxiety” experienced by fleet owners committed to natural gas only fuelling options

·         Assurance that the diesel and natural gas fuels are delivered in correct proportions to the engine within a few % of OEM diesel delivery specifications.

·         High fuel efficiency, similar to diesel, by maintaining correct air/fuel ratios throughout the engine operating range and using exhaust oxygen levels as a feedback to fine tune the ratios

·         Monitoring knock with  a knock sensor providing feedback to ensure OEM maximum combustion pressure parameters are not exceeded even if gas compositions or other external parameters vary

·         Having the dual-fuel system automatically adjust the engine power output to maintain the OEM power and torque when the natural gas energy value varies up to -20 % to +10 %.

·         Switching the engine to diesel only operation at light load conditions to maintain optimum fuel efficiency for maximum fuel cost savings and to meet emissions requirements

·         Maintaining the highest possible diesel substitution when the engine is operating at light load, like a bus idling in traffic with just the air conditioning running or refuse trucks using the hydraulics

·         Proven capability of developing dual-fuel systems with OEM’s, maintaining engine and vehicle warranty after conversion.

·         Having the system automatically report (with a data loged report) any system or operational fault so as to allow vehicle maintenance to be scheduled

·         When a fault occurs to record a programmable history (typically  20 seconds) of engine operation to allow technicians to conduct a diagnostic analysis to identify the cause of the fault

·         Allowing recovery of fault logs, diagnostic logs and statistical logs by connecting a laptop computer to the dual-fuel controller on the truck or remotely via the GSM cell phone network

·         Using a laptop computer with DieselGas DGTech technician interface software to observe the engine operation in real time, on diesel or dual-fuel, with bar graphs and the current values of variables.

·         DieselGas dual-fuel controller ECU hardware, embedded software and GUI software are DieselGas proprietary designs and ownership which allows IP security and fast and efficient upgrades

·         The DieselGas dual-fuel engine management operates independently of the OEM engine control system ECU and is designed not interfere with the OEM ECU controls or OBD system

The combination of these features and controls allows superior performance of the DieselGas dual-fuel system over other vendor systems.

DieselGas’s understanding of what features are required and how to implement them has come from undertaking the development of dual-fuel systems for 20 different engine types on a dozen projects for demanding OEM and industry clients and having to resolve issues as they arise. These features and know-how are then taken into the following projects.

Every project and market has new issues to be resolved. DieselGas recognise that the USA market requirements will challenge the technical development skills of all pretenders to the market. Ongoing product development and resolving electronic and mechanical design issues with practical and robust solutions has proven to be one of the DieselGas team’s greatest strengths. No other vendor has this experience